How to add images in select list?

In Firefox you can just add background image to option:

  <option style="background-image:url(male.png);">male</option>
  <option style="background-image:url(female.png);">female</option>
  <option style="background-image:url(others.png);">others</option>

Better yet, you can separate HTML and CSS like that


<select id="gender">


select#gender option[value="male"]   { background-image:url(male.png);   }
select#gender option[value="female"] { background-image:url(female.png); }
select#gender option[value="others"] { background-image:url(others.png); }

In other browsers the only way of doing that would be using some JS widget library, like for example jQuery UI, e.g. using Selectable.

From jQuery UI 1.11, Selectmenu widget is available, which is very close to what you want.

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