How to deploy Node.js application with deep node_modules structure on Windows?

just to add to this… another thing that helped me was listing out all installed modules with npm ls.

which will give you a tree of modules and versions… from there it’s pretty easy to identify which ones are duplicates… npm dedupe didn’t do anything for me. I’m not sure if that’s a bug or what (Node v 10.16)

So once you identify a duplicate module install it to the root node_module directory by using npm install [email protected] --save-dev. The version is important.

after that, I wiped out my node_modules directory and did a fresh npm install.

Short version

  1. npm ls to get a list of all installed modules.
  2. look through those modules and identify duplicate modules (version is important)
  3. npm install module@version --save-dev to install those modules in the root node_modules directory and update package.json.
  4. rmdir node_modules to delete the node_modules directory.
  5. npm install to pull down a fresh copy of your dependencies.

Once I did that, everything was much cleaner.

I also recommend commenting your package.json file to show which ones were brought down to flatten the node_modules tree.

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