How to get XElement’s value and not value of all child-nodes?

When looking for text data in the <parent> element you should look for child nodes that have NodeType properties equal to XmlNodeType.Text. These nodes will be of type XText. The following sample illustrates this:

var p = XElement

var textNodes = from c in p.Nodes()
                where c.NodeType == XmlNodeType.Text
                select (XText)c;

foreach (var t in textNodes)

Update: if all you want is the first Text node, if any, here’s an example using LINQ method calls instead of query comprehension syntax:

var firstTextNode = p.Nodes().OfType<XText>().FirstOrDefault();
if (firstTextNode != null)
    var textValue = firstTextNode.Value; something interesting with the value

Note: using First() or FirstOrDefault() will be more performant than Count() > 0 in this scenario. Count always enumerates the whole collection while FirstOrDefault() will only enumerate until a match is found.

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