Java FX Modular Application, Module not found (Java 11, Intellij)

When you get the error:

Error occurred during initialization of boot layer

java.lang.module.FindException: Module HelloFX not found

it means that the path to the module in question in --module-path is wrong and the module can’t be found.

Check the output folder. Based on your first picture, the output of the HelloFX project goes to out, but your VM options you are setting the relative path to mods.

You can configure the compiler output from IntelliJ -> File -> Project Structure -> Project -> Project Compile Output.

On Windows by default, when you create a JavaFX project, IntelliJ points to \path-to\HelloFX\out.

Then you either modify that compile output path to \path-to\HelloFX\mods, or your VM arguments:

--module-path "\path-to\javafx-sdk-11.0.1\lib;out\production" 

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