java.util.Timer: Is it deprecated?

As others have mentioned, no it is not deprecated but I personally always use ScheduledExecutorService instead as it offers a richer API and more flexibility:

  • ScheduledExecutorService allows you to specify the number of threads whereas Timer always uses a single thread.
  • ScheduledExecutorService can be constructed with a ThreadFactory allowing control over thread aspects other than the name / daemon status (e.g. priority, ThreadGroup, UncaughtExceptionHandler).
  • ScheduledExecutorService allows tasks to be scheduled with fixed delay as well as at a fixed rate.
  • ScheduledExecutorService accepts Callable / Runnable as it’s unit of work, meaning that you don’t need to subclass TimerTask specifically to use it; i.e. you could submit the same Callable implementation to a regular ExecutorService or a ScheduledExecutorService.

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