jQuery animate height

You can store the height just before slimming it down to 30px on page load, for example:

$(".expand").each(function() {
  $.data(this, "realHeight", $(this).height());
}).css({ overflow: "hidden", height: "30px" });

Then in your click handler:

$("h2").toggle(function() {
  var div = $(this).next(".expand")
  div.animate({ height: div.data("realHeight") }, 600);
}, function() {
  $(this).next(".expand").animate({ height: 30 }, 600);

So what this does is get the .height() (run this in document.ready) before the overflow: hidden it set, and stores it via $.data(), then in the click handlers (via .toggle() to alternate), we use that value (or 30) every other click to .animate() to.

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