LINQ to Entities does not recognize the method ‘System.String ToString()’ method in MVC 4

You got this error because Entity Framework does not know how to execute .ToString() method in sql. So you should load the data by using ToList and then translate into SelectListItem as:

var query = dba.blob.ToList().Select(c => new SelectListItem
    Value =,
    Text = c.name_company,
    Selected =

Edit: To make it more clear, Entity framework converts your use of query operators such as Select, Where ETC into an sql query to load the data. If you call a method like ToString(), which Entity Framework does not have an equivalent in sql, it will complain. SO the idea is to defer the use of such functions post data load. ToList, ToArray ETC force execution of the query thus loading of data. Once the data is loaded, any further operation (such as Select, Where ETC) is performed using Linq to Objects, on the data already in memory.

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