maven in 5 min not working

Found solution:

Solution #1:

issue was with proxy in settings.xml file:


to get host goto IE->tools->connection->LAN settings->advanced->http.


Solution #2:

if auto configured proxy is given: then

1> open IE(or any browser)

2> get the url address from your browser through IE->Tools->internet option->connections->LAN Settings-> get address and give in url eg: as and enter, a file will be downloaded with .pac format, save to desktop

3> open .pac file in textpad, identify PROXY:

In your editor, it will come something like:

   return "PROXY; PROXY"; 

4> go to Maven settings.xml and enter as:


5> run mvn:install through command prompt or run through eclipse.


Solution #3:

For any other issues delete maven local repository and run mvn:install again.

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