Maximum number of enum elements in Java

From the class file format spec:

The per-class or per-interface constant pool is limited to 65535 entries by the 16-bit constant_pool_count field of the ClassFile structure (§4.1). This acts as an internal limit on the total complexity of a single class or interface.

I believe that this implies that you cannot have more then 65535 named “things” in a single class, which would also limit the number of enum constants.

If a see a switch with 2 billion cases, I’ll probably kill anyone that has touched that code.

Fortunately, that cannot happen:

The amount of code per non-native, non-abstract method is limited to 65536 bytes by the sizes of the indices in the exception_table of the Code attribute (§4.7.3), in the LineNumberTable attribute (§4.7.8), and in the LocalVariableTable attribute (§4.7.9).

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