mysql to pdf – python or ruby [closed]

In Ruby you have a number of options for your PDF authoring, and your DB management is very easy if you use the ActiveRecord library (comes with Rails) or Sequel to read or write data.

Complete and heavy duty PDF authoring can be done using Prawn… it requires some studying, but it’s an amazing library.

You can also create HTML web pages and convert them into PDF using the wicked_pdf gem, which is quite simple to use.

Or, you can combine it all, or write simple PDF’s with simple tables and text using the combine_pdf, which is as easy as it gets and also allows you to use PDF templates (so you can have a well designed template and just add the text you need).

I love Ruby and I think it’s very easy to learn. Plus, it has more applications than just web programming – there’s even a project called RubyMotion which lets you program native applications for iOS and Android using Ruby!

I’m sure you’ll love Ruby.

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