No service for type ‘Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity.UserManager`1[Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity.IdentityUser]’ has been registered

This usually happens in the _LoginPartial.cshtml or _ManageNav.cshtml razor view. Eg.

@inject UserManager<IdentityUser> userManager

Must be changed to

@inject UserManager<MyUserStore> userManager

The same applies to SignInManager.

When registering your own MyUserStore (bad name, should be MyUser) for the AspNetCore Identity, the UserManager<> type will be registered to the ServiceCollection as UserManager<MyUserStore>.

Whenever you want to resolve the UserManager<>, specify the identity user model registered in your startup as the type parameter. Which would be UserManager<MyUserStore> in your specific case:

Or like-wise, when resolving it inside other classes, as may be the case in your Seeder service. The call stack of your exception should give you a hint of where this is happening.

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