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If you are using a framework like MVVM Light, you can send a message from your callback to your UI thread (passing your parameters required for saving).

EDIT. Adding example

In your code behind page most likely, you will need to setup a listener for the custom message we will send. Its good practice to do this in your onload or onnavigateto methods. I’ll assume that your callback will load up a custom object called CustomObjectWithParams that you are getting from db.

In your xaml code behind:

protected override void OnNavigatedTo(NavigationEventArgs e)
        // the "MyViewModel.OpenSaveDialogRequest" can be any string.. it just needs to synch up with what was sent from the viewmodel below
        Messenger.Default.Register<CustomObjectWithParams>(this, "MyViewModel.OpenSaveDialogRequest", objParams => ShowSaveDialog(objParams));

    private void ShowSaveDialog(CustomObjectWithParams obj) {
        // do your  open save here in the UI thread

    // be smart, make sure you unregister this listener when you navigate away!
    protected override void OnNavigatedFrom(NavigationEventArgs e)


Now in your view model callback function (not running on UI thread right)… you want to send the params you are getting asynch. You can do this as so:

protected void your_asynch_callbackfunction(your args) {
            CustomObjectWithParams objParams = new CustomObjectWithParams();
            // fill up this object here....

            // now send the object to the UI to do something with it
            Messenger.Default.Send<CustomObjectWithParams>(objParams, "MyViewModel.OpenSaveDialogRequest");


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