PostgreSQL – dynamic value as table name [duplicate]

You will need to use the PL/PgSQL EXECUTE statement, via a DO block or PL/PgSQL function (CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION ... LANGUAGE plpgsql). Dynamic SQL is not supported in the ordinary SQL dialect used by PostgreSQL, only in the procedural PL/PgSQL variant.

EXECUTE format('CREATE TABLE %I AS SELECT * FROM backup', 'backup_' || to_char(CURRENT_DATE,'yyyy-mm-dd'));
$$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;

The format(...) function‘s %I and %L format-specifiers do proper identifier and literal quoting, respectively.

For literals I recommend using EXECUTE ... USING rather than format(...) with %L, but for identifiers like table/column names the format %I pattern is a nice concise alternative to verbose quote_ident calls.

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