Real time plot in MATLAB

As Edric mentioned, you’ll definitely want to include a drawnow command after the call to plot to force an update of the graphics. However, there is a much more efficient and smoother method to animate plots that doesn’t involve recreating the entire plot each time. You can simply initialize your plot, capture a handle to the plot object, then modify the properties of that object in your loop using the set command. Here’s an example:

hLine = plot(nan);         % Initialize a plot line (which isn't displayed yet
                           %   because the values are NaN)
for i = 1:N                % Loop N times
  % Compute m here
  set(hLine, 'YData', m);  % Update the y data of the line
  drawnow                  % Force the graphics to update immediately

In addition, before your loop and after the call to plot you can set a number of axes properties, like the axes limits, etc., if you want the axes to stay fixed and not change their appearance with each new vector m that is plotted.

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