SAS Data organization

You look like a new user to stackoverflow. Welcome. Your question is getting down voted for at least three reasons:

1) It's not really clear what you want from your description of the problem and the data
   you're providing

2) You haven't shown any attempts at what you've tried

3) Providing your data as a picture is not great.  It's most helpful if you're going
   to provide data to provide it so it's easy for others to consume in their program.  
   After all, you're asking for our help make it easier for us to help you.  If You 
   included something like the following we just have to copy and paste to create your
   dataset to work with:

    DATA test;    
    1573 1997 50 1080
    1581 1997 51  300
    1598 1996 54   80
    1598 1998 54   80
    1598 1999 54   80
    1602 1996 55  112.6
    1602 1997 55  335.965

That being said the following MAY give you what you’re looking for but it’s only a guess as I’m not sure if this is really what you’re asking:

proc sql no print;
     create table testout as
            select *,count(*) as cnt
      from test
            group by sum
                  having cnt > 1;

Are you asking: show all rows where the same SUM is used or something else?

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