Skipping outputs with anonymous function in MATLAB

There’s no way I know of within the expression of the anonymous function to have it select which output to return from a function with multiple possible output arguments. However, you can return multiple outputs when you evaluate the anonymous function. Here’s an example using the function MAX:

>> data = [1 3 2 5 4];  %# Sample data
>> fcn = @(x) max(x);   %# An anonymous function with multiple possible outputs
>> [maxValue,maxIndex] = fcn(data)  %# Get two outputs when evaluating fcn

maxValue =

     5         %# The maximum value (output 1 from max)

maxIndex =

     4         %# The index of the maximum value (output 2 from max)

Also, the best way to handle the specific example you give above is to actually just use the function handle @ttest2 as the input to CELLFUN, then get the multiple outputs from CELLFUN itself:

[junk,probabilities] = cellfun(@ttest2,cellArray1,cellArray2);

On newer versions of MATLAB, you can replace the variable junk with ~ to ignore the first output argument.

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