Swift Generics & Upcasting

Swift generics are not covariant. That is to say, exactly what the error says: you can’t automatically say a Basket<Apple> is a kind of Basket<Fruit> even if Apple is a kind of Fruit. There is good reason for this.

Consider the following code:

class Fruit {}
class Apple: Fruit {}
class Orange: Fruit {}

class Basket<T: Fruit> {
    private var items: [T]
    func add(item: T) {
    init() {}

func addItem<T: Fruit>(var basket: Basket<T>, item: T) {

let basket:Basket<Apple> = Basket()

addItem(basket as Basket<Fruit>, Orange())

This would be legal code if Basket<Apple> were considered a Basket<Fruit>, and I’d be allowed to add an orange to a basket of apples.

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