Eclipse will not recognize project as library (ActionBarSherlock/ViewPagerIndicator)

Where to store the actual library project does not matter, as long as you use a relative link to reference it. Check out the Library Projects – Development considerations: Library project storage location There are no specific requirements on where you should store a library project, relative to a dependent application project, as long as … Read more

How do I get crtdbg.h file?

I ran into this exact same issue, but with Visual Studio Community Edition 2019. The solution was to download the Windows 10 SDK using the Visual Studio installer. Once I did that the next compile worked fine. The header file “crtdbg.h” is part of the Windows 10 SDK kit. I believe you will find crtdbg.h … Read more

Eclipse classpath entries only used for tests

You could separate all your tests into another project and add the main project as a dependency (Project->Properties->Java Build Path->Projects->Add…) Update: To avoid changing the original project structure, your test projects can use linked locations. Create the test project as normal, you now need to create a linked resource to bring in the src/test/java folder. … Read more

How to insert a document with date in mongo?

The standard driver takes types and serializes as BSON dates. So with a collection object to “example” Date now = new Date(); BasicDBObject timeNow = new BasicDBObject(“date”, now); example.insert(timeNow); If you are looking for a way to use the “server” time in operations, there is the $currentDate operator, but this works with “updates”, so … Read more

How to use JavaFX 2 SDK in Eclipse?

There are two options: 1) EDIT: Since 7u35 (or smth near it) JavaFX was included into base JDK classpath so you can use JavaFX classes right away. Just set up your projects to use fx libs: JavaFX 2.0 API is pure Java. So you can create a new Java project and add sdk-path/rt/lib/jfxrt.jar to libraries … Read more