In what way does denormalization improve database performance?

Denormalization is generally used to either: Avoid a certain number of queries Remove some joins The basic idea of denormalization is that you’ll add redundant data, or group some, to be able to get those data more easily — at a smaller cost; which is better for performances. A quick examples? Consider a “Posts” and … Read more

How to change the playing speed of videos in HTML5?

According to this site, this is supported in the playbackRate and defaultPlaybackRate attributes, accessible via the DOM. Example: /* play video twice as fast */ document.querySelector(‘video’).defaultPlaybackRate = 2.0; document.querySelector(‘video’).play(); /* now play three times as fast just for the heck of it */ document.querySelector(‘video’).playbackRate = 3.0; The above works on Chrome 43+, Firefox 20+, IE … Read more

fastest (low latency) method for Inter Process Communication between Java and C/C++

Just tested latency from Java on my Corei5 2.8GHz, only single byte send/received, 2 Java processes just spawned, without assigning specific CPU cores with taskset: TCP – 25 microseconds Named pipes – 15 microseconds Now explicitly specifying core masks, like taskset 1 java Srv or taskset 2 java Cli: TCP, same cores: 30 microseconds TCP, … Read more

When is assembly faster than C? [closed]

Here is a real world example: Fixed point multiplies on old compilers. These don’t only come handy on devices without floating point, they shine when it comes to precision as they give you 32 bits of precision with a predictable error (float only has 23 bit and it’s harder to predict precision loss). i.e. uniform … Read more

Why does the 2nd T-SQL query run much faster than the first when called by Reporting Services 2005 in a web-app

You may have come across a query that has an issue with parameter sniffing, which has to do with how Sql Server tries to optimise your query execution plan but in cases when Reporting Services is involved completely messes it up and makes it run incredibly slowly. I had a case with a report that … Read more