How to connect to a remote Windows machine to execute commands using python?

You can use pywinrm library instead which is cross-platform compatible. Here is a simple code example: #!/usr/bin/env python import winrm # Create winrm connection. sess = winrm.Session(‘’, auth=(‘username’, ‘password’), transport=”kerberos”) result = sess.run_cmd(‘ipconfig’, [‘/all’]) Install library via: pip install pywinrm requests_kerberos. Here is another example from this page to run Powershell script on a remote … Read more

How to open remote files in sublime text 3

On server Install rsub: wget -O /usr/local/bin/rsub \ chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/rsub On local Install rsub Sublime3 package: On Sublime Text 3, open Package Manager (Ctrl-Shift-P on Linux/Win, Cmd-Shift-P on Mac, Install Package), and search for rsub and install it Open command line and connect to remote server: ssh -R 52698:localhost:52698 [email protected]_address after connect to server … Read more

How do we set remote in Typeahead.js?

Typeahead.js version 0.10.0 now uses a separate component called a suggestion engine for providing the suggestion data. The suggestion engine which ships with Typeahead.js is called Bloodhound. Hence you cannot “define remote without having to define a dataset function”. An example of this working with a remote data source (I’m querying the TheMovieDb API, try … Read more

php – How to force download of a file?

You could try something like this: $file_name=”file.avi”; $file_url=”” . $file_name; header(‘Content-Type: application/octet-stream’); header(“Content-Transfer-Encoding: Binary”); header(“Content-disposition: attachment; filename=\””.$file_name.”\””); readfile($file_url); exit; I just tested it and it works for me. Please note that for readfile to be able to read a remote url, you need to have your fopen_wrappers enabled.