using declaration in variadic template

Ok i found out a pretty decent solution:

basically i need to unpack one extra lambda case and apply the using clause to the unpacked lambda and the rest, but in this case, since i apparently i cannot make a variadic list of using declarations (at least i don’t know the syntax, if its possible), the rest is wrapped by inheriting from the ‘rest’ case, like this:

template <typename ReturnType, typename... Lambdas>
struct lambda_visitor;

template <typename ReturnType, typename Lambda1, typename... Lambdas>
struct lambda_visitor< ReturnType, Lambda1 , Lambdas...> 
  : public lambda_visitor<ReturnType, Lambdas...>, public Lambda1 {

    using Lambda1::operator();
    using lambda_visitor< ReturnType , Lambdas...>::operator();
    lambda_visitor(Lambda1 l1, Lambdas... lambdas) 
      : Lambda1(l1), lambda_visitor< ReturnType , Lambdas...> (lambdas...)

template <typename ReturnType, typename Lambda1>
struct lambda_visitor<ReturnType, Lambda1> 
  : public boost::static_visitor<ReturnType>, public Lambda1 {

    using Lambda1::operator();
    lambda_visitor(Lambda1 l1) 
      : boost::static_visitor<ReturnType>(), Lambda1(l1)

template <typename ReturnType>
struct lambda_visitor<ReturnType> 
  : public boost::static_visitor<ReturnType> {

    lambda_visitor() : boost::static_visitor<ReturnType>() {}

So i can do this inductively by placing two using declarations, one from the unpacked lambda type and another from the parent class, which is actually the same class with one less lambda.

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