Valid JavaBeans names for boolean getter methods

According to the JavaBeans specification section 8.3.2:

Boolean properties
In addition, for
boolean properties, we allow a getter
method to match the pattern:

public boolean is<PropertyName>();

isPropertyName” method may be
provided instead of a
get<PropertyName>” method, or it may
be provided in addition to a
get<PropertyName>” method. In either
case, if the is<PropertyName> method
is present for a boolean property then
we will use the “is<PropertyName>
method to read the property value. An
example boolean property might be:

public boolean isMarsupial();
public void setMarsupial(boolean m);

In other words, unless something has changed since then, has isn’t a valid prefix I’m afraid 🙁

It’s possible that some tools and libraries will recognise such properties anyway, but it’s not a good idea to rely on it.

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