Website is very slow, but if I modify the URL it loads normally

I am not sure what’s going on here because your question lacks a little detail.

But just to make the scenario clear when it comes to Client/ Server side and accessing something on the web with a domain. You have to understand that whatever lags you experience it always points to a certain process that a line of code cannot finish the job in the desired time.

Lags sometimes caused by a script like Javascript(JS) that probably will send request from the server which server can’t response in a certain time required by the script.

Also sometimes, browsing to a specified URL without a clear path to a server could cause waiting time.

anyhow, you have to inspect the path you are accessing and the source code and possible process jobs. From there I’m sure you can figure it out.

Otherwise you have to share your setup. Assuming you’re the one who setup and build the site.

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