What does the “@@…@@” meta line with at signs in svn diff or git diff mean?

Those are called (c)hunk headers and contain the range information.

They are surrounded by double at signs @@. They are of the format:

@@ -l,s +l,s @@

where l is the starting line number and s is the number of lines the change (c)hunk applies to for each respective file. The - indicates the original file and the + indicates the new (modified) file. Note that it not only shows affected lines, but also context lines.

The -1,5 is in the original file (indicated by the -). It shows that that first line is the start and 5 affected / context lines

The +1,9 is in the new (modified) file (indicated by the +) and again first line is the start and 9 affected / context lines.

More details here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diff#Unified_format

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