Can’t pass a range to a lambda using Let and Makearray functions

The construct of INDEX() >>:<<INDEX() will work when applied to ranges. Not to arrays AFAIK. It will lead to these errors. Maybe try something like:


This would resemble the construct of your inital formula. However, in the linked question you have mentioned that you’d like to use SCAN() in combination with BYROW(). You have noticed that nesting these lambda helper functions will result in an error. I just wanted to show you that it is possible with just a single SCAN() function:


Or even less verbose:


I have been puzzling a bit and found that we could compare the row/column of the ‘b’ variable inside the lambda structure. Something I haven’t been aware of prior to….now. It does feel a bit glitchy but now we can actually use some sort of variation to the BYROW() helper inside SCAN() and do these calculation for each row of the intial array seperately.

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