Compare two Images in JavaScript

No, there is no especially easy way to do this. JavaScript was not made for handling low-level operations such as working directly with binary data for, say, image processing.

You could use a <canvas> element to base64 encode each image, and then compare the resulting base64 strings, but this will only tell you whether or not the images are identical.

To use the getBase64Image function (defined in the answer I linked) to compare two images:

var a = new Image(),
    b = new Image();
a.src="" + url_a;
b.src="" + url_b;

// might need to wait until a and b have actually loaded, ignoring this for now
var a_base64 = getBase64Image(a),
    b_base64 = getBase64Image(b);

if (a_base64 === b_base64)
    // they are identical
    // you can probably guess what this means

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