How to test main class of Spring-boot application

All these answers seem overkill.
You don’t add tests to make a metric tool happy.
Loading a Spring context of the application takes time. Don’t add it in each developer build just to win about 0.1% of coverage in your application.
Here you don’t cover only 1 statement from 1 public method. It represents nothing in terms of coverage in an application where thousands of statements are generally written.

First workaround : make your Spring Boot application class with no bean declared inside. If you have them, move them in a configuration class (for make them still cover by unit test). And then ignore your Spring Boot application class in the test coverage configuration.

Second workaround : if you really need to to cover the main() invocation (for organizational reasons for example), create a test for it but an integration test (executed by an continuous integration tool and not in each developer build) and document clearly the test class purpose :

import org.junit.Test;

// Test class added ONLY to cover main() invocation not covered by application tests.
public class MyApplicationIT {
   public void main() {
      MyApplication.main(new String[] {});

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