How to work with Unix timestamps in Matlab?

How about

date = datestr(unix_time/86400 + datenum(1970,1,1))

if unix_time is given in seconds, unix_time/86400 will give the number of days since Jan. 1st 1970. Add to that the offset used by Matlab’s datenum (datenum(0000,1,1) == 1), and you have the amount of days since Jan. 1st, 0000. This can be easily converted to human-readable form by Matlab’s datestr.

If you have milliseconds, just use

date = datestr(unix_time/86400/1000 + datenum(1970,1,1))

Wrapped in functions, these would be

function dn = unixtime_to_datenum( unix_time )
    dn = unix_time/86400 + 719529;         %# == datenum(1970,1,1)

function dn = unixtime_in_ms_to_datenum( unix_time_ms )
    dn = unix_time_ms/86400000 + 719529;   %# == datenum(1970,1,1)

datestr( unixtime_to_datenum( unix_time ) )

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