Schema comparison of two dataframes in scala

Based on @Derek Kaknes‘s answer, here’s the solution I came up with for comparing schemas, being concerned only about column name, datatype & nullability and indifferent to metadata

import org.apache.spark.sql.DataFrame
import org.apache.spark.sql.types.{DataType, StructField}

def getCleanedSchema(df: DataFrame): Map[String, (DataType, Boolean)] = { { (structField: StructField) => -> (structField.dataType, structField.nullable)

// Compare relevant information
def getSchemaDifference(schema1: Map[String, (DataType, Boolean)],
                        schema2: Map[String, (DataType, Boolean)]
                       ): Map[String, (Option[(DataType, Boolean)], Option[(DataType, Boolean)])] = {
  (schema1.keys ++ schema2.keys).
    flatMap { (columnName: String) =>
      val schema1FieldOpt: Option[(DataType, Boolean)] = schema1.get(columnName)
      val schema2FieldOpt: Option[(DataType, Boolean)] = schema2.get(columnName)

      if (schema1FieldOpt == schema2FieldOpt) None
      else Some(columnName -> (schema1FieldOpt, schema2FieldOpt))
  • getCleanedSchema method extracts information of interest – column datatype & nullability and returns a map of column name to tuple

  • getSchemaDifference method returns a map containing only those columns that differ in the two schemas. If a column is absent in one of the two schemas, then it’s corresponding properties would be None

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