When is it appropriate to use df.value_counts() vs df.groupby(‘…’).count()?

There is difference value_counts return:

The resulting object will be in descending order so that the first element is the most frequently-occurring element.

but count not, it sort output by index (created by column in groupby('col')).


is for aggregate all columns of df by function count. So it count values excluding NaNs.

So if need count only one column need:



df = pd.DataFrame({'colB':list('abcdefg'),

print (df)
  colA colB  colC  colD
0    c    a   1.0   NaN
1    c    b   3.0   3.0
2    b    c   5.0   6.0
3    a    d   7.0   9.0
4  NaN    e   NaN   2.0
5    b    f   NaN   4.0
6    b    g   4.0   NaN

print (df['colA'].value_counts())
b    3
c    2
a    1
Name: colA, dtype: int64

print (df.groupby('colA').count())
      colB  colC  colD
a        1     1     1
b        3     2     2
c        2     2     1

print (df.groupby('colA')['colA'].count())
a    1
b    3
c    2
Name: colA, dtype: int64

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