wireless iphone app distribution – problem with itms-services protocol

The answer is actually very simple: The URL needs to be “double-escaped”, i.e.


This is because the value gets unescaped to https://example.com/My%20App.plist before being treated as another URL. This gets unescaped by the server at example.com to a space.

The parser does not treat + specially: ...&url=https://.../test/a+b results in "GET /test/a+b HTTP/1.1" appearing in the Apache logs. (It is unwise to assume that all query strings are application/x-www-form-urlencoded; this is only standardized in HTML.)

Incidentally, it looks like itms-services uses +[NSURL URLWithString:] to validate URLs: url=.../My%20App.plist results in no request because [NSURL URLWithString:@"https://.../My App.plist"] returns nil. However, there’s a long-standing bug in NSURL: It will escape a single invalid (BMP) character at the end instead of returning nil. My test cases

  • url=.../test/%3c results in the log "GET /test/< HTTP/1.1" (this is definitely invalid HTTP!)
  • url=.../test/%0a results in an error on device but no log message (because Apache treats it as a malformed request)
  • url=.../test/%0d results in the log "GET /test/\r HTTP/1.1"

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