Change the style of an entire CSS class using javascript

You can modify style rules, but it’s usually not the best design decision.

To access the style rules defined by style sheets, you access the document.styleSheets collection. Each entry in that collection will have a property either called cssRules or rules depending on the browser. Each of those will be a CSSRule instance. You can change the rule by changing its cssText property.

But again, that’s probably not the best way to solve the problem. But it is the literal answer to your question.

The best way to solve the problem is probably to have another class in your stylesheet that overrides the settings of the previous rule, and then to add that class either to the select elements or to the container of them. So for instance, you could have the rules:

.fool select {
    display: block;
} select {
    display: none;

…and when you want to hide the selects, add the "bar" class to the container that has the "fool" class.

Alternately, apply CSS style information directly to elements.

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