Eclipse crashes at startup; Exit code=13

It turns out that a directory had an ! in its name and eclipse had a problem with that.

Once I switched the directory (from Desktop which is located in the user directory which had ! in it to C:/ ) everything worked fine. (look at the Djava.class.path in the image located in my the question above for the whole path – it should make it clear what the problem was)

Vista allows you to create a username that contains ! character and then a lot of programs have issues with it


If somebody is still getting this problem even though their path is ok I suggest

  • trying to look at the Environment Variables
  • then try uninstalling the Helios EE ( or any other version of ee you are running ) and JDK and then reinstalling the 86x versions of both (they should still work on the 64x platform).
  • for further explanation look here

Thank you everybody that tried to help

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