Verilog generate/genvar in an always block

You need to reverse the nesting inside the generate block:

genvar c;
    for (c = 0; c < ROWBITS; c = c + 1) begin: test
        always @(posedge sysclk) begin
            temp[c] <= 1'b0;

Technically, this generates four always blocks:

always @(posedge sysclk) temp[0] <= 1'b0;
always @(posedge sysclk) temp[1] <= 1'b0;
always @(posedge sysclk) temp[2] <= 1'b0;
always @(posedge sysclk) temp[3] <= 1'b0;

In this simple example, there’s no difference in behavior between the four always blocks and a single always block containing four assignments, but in other cases there could be.

The genvar-dependent operation needs to be resolved when constructing the in-memory representation of the design (in the case of a simulator) or when mapping to logic gates (in the case of a synthesis tool). The always @posedge doesn’t have meaning until the design is operating.

Subject to certain restrictions, you can put a for loop inside the always block, even for synthesizable code. For synthesis, the loop will be unrolled. However, in that case, the for loop needs to work with a reg, integer, or similar. It can’t use a genvar, because having the for loop inside the always block describes an operation that occurs at each edge of the clock, not an operation that can be expanded statically during elaboration of the design.

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