What’s the point of ?

Yep, there’s a reason – but (usually) only if you’re in a <form> element.

If you include a button in a form element without specifying it’s just a regular button, it defaults to a submit button.

    <button>I will submit the form when clicked!</button>


    <button type="button">I won't!</button>

The first one is assumed to be type=submit since a type attribute hasn’t been specified.

If you are not in a <form> element, the button won’t have anything to submit, so it doesn’t matter as much. 🙂

Semantics usually become important at some point in your application’s lifetime, though, so it’s a good idea to make a habit of specifying the type.

The only other reason that could be relevant is if there’s a styling rule that specifies [type=button] or something. That’s not recommended, though.

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