Xamarin On Windows C#

First off, there’s not really a question here, you just posted an error message with no context, is anything breaking? If so, what?

You need to analyze the error message before asking your question. To start, the global assembly cache is a place on your machine that Windows uses to reference commonly used assemblies, so when it says that it will use those instead, all that means is that you may get different versions than what you had intended or other slight differences, the reason that is significant is it doesn’t really tell me that there is an issue, only that you haven’t referenced the proper dll’s somehow so Windows is letting you know it’s going to fall back to using the GAC.

All of this to say, based on your error message, there is no real issue, the GAC works just fine. If there is an issue and the GAC isn’t giving you the correct dll’s, then you need to tell us that, and you need to tell us what dll’s you are trying to use.

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