Random JSON where x is true

If you want to find the first match, use find(), if you want to find a random one, you could use filter() and then access a random element:

let arr = [{"id":1,"dex":1,"form":"null","mon":"Bulbasaur","type1":"Grass","type2":"Poison","egg-group-1":"Monster","egg-group-2":"Grass","legend":"FALSE","gen":1},{"id":2,"dex":2,"form":"null","mon":"Ivysaur","type1":"Grass","type2":"Poison","egg-group-1":"Monster","egg-group-2":"Grass","legend":"FALSE","gen":1}];

let first = arr.find(v => v['egg-group-1'] === 'Monster'); // will return the first one

let random = arr.filter(v => v['egg-group-1'] === 'Monster');

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