How to force NASM to encode [1 + rax*2] as disp32 + index*2 instead of disp8 + base + index?


Similarly, NASM will split [eax*2] into [eax+eax] because that allows the offset field to be absent and space to be saved; in fact, it will also split [eax*2+offset] into [eax+eax+offset].
You can combat this behaviour by the use of the NOSPLIT keyword: [nosplit eax*2] will force [eax*2+0] to be generated literally.
[nosplit eax*1] also has the same effect. In another way, a split EA form [0, eax*2] can be used, too. However, NOSPLIT in [nosplit eax+eax] will be ignored because user’s intention here is considered as [eax+eax].

lea eax, [NOSPLIT 1+rax*2]
lea eax, [1+rax*2]

00000000  8D044501000000    lea eax,[rax*2+0x1]
00000007  8D440001          lea eax,[rax+rax+0x1]

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